Why photographs?

Oftentimes we do not know how good something is until it’s gone, but with pictures, we can push the pause button on our favorite moments. Truly wonderful photographs are meant to jumpstart our memories back to our favorite summer vacations, meaningful life events, or even that really incredible meal you ate one time at that fancy restaurant.

But what will help you remember your pet, no doubt a beloved friend that you consider part of the family? Will it be their favorite toy, or perhaps a few snapshots you’ve taken on your phone?

One guaranteed way is to spotlight their personality through timeless, professional images that you can display in your home and keep as records of all the experiences you’ve shared together, and I can help!

Session Details

I offer two different photography packages, depending on your preferences. Each begin with a 1.5-2 hour photo session with your pets (up to two) at one location and include full digital editing of up to 25 images from which you will choose your favorites.

Print Package, $215

  • Four 4×6 photographs
  • Two 5×7 photographs
  • One 8×10 photograph

Digital Package, $250

  • One 8×10 photograph
  • 8-10 digital images with printing rights

Please feel free to contact me here if you would like to know more about session pricing, have day-of-the-shoot questions or would like to set up a session for your pet!